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Takt timer 4x7 WiFi

Takt timer 4x7 WiFi

Takt timer 4x7 WiFi


Takt timer (Time counter) is designed to optimize serial process in real time.

This meter equipped with WiFi is designed to display the duration of the production cycle within set time limits. E.g. cycles per minute by the worker or the machine. Also the meter displays the sum of cycles within the period, e.g. production volume within the shift.


It’s extremely useful for the shift manager who is to busy to constantly check and follow analytics on the computer.

It is very easy to connect and access the meter with a computer or mobile phone and follow the real time efficiency chart of a worker or equipment. Over 30 days of information is stored within the meter.



  • To display the cycle of a machine in seconds, minutes or hours.
  • To count the number of items produced per shift or over a set period of time.
  • To register the on/off time of the machine.
  • To display charts of operation and records >30 day history.

Additional features that we can install upon the customer request

Features that can be added according to the customer request:

  • Double sided screen
  • Data over SNMP protocol or CSV format when required by the central server.
  • Meter periodically sends the data to PostgresSQL or MySQL.

The screen shows the result of the longest period - e.g. of shift

User interface

The user interface is seen when the meter is accessed via WiFi using a phone or PC


Number of inputs 3 (up to 4)
Number of outputs up to 2
Input voltage 12-36v
Power supply voltage 12-36v
Current consumption 0.1-0.3A (around 2,5w)
Symbol height 103mm +-2mm
Whole counter size 400 x 153 x 63mm
Counter weight ( without cable )  


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